MutableLocalEntityProvider bug into fireEntityProviderChangeEvent method?

JPAContainer version 3.1.1

Hi when the BatchableLocalEntityProvider call batchUpdate set setFireEntityProviderChangeEvents(false);
then execute the batchUpdate and finally call setFireEntityProviderChangeEvents(true);
this should prevent of calling EntityProviderChangeListener each insert.
But this do not happens, infact into method of his parent (MutableLocalEntityProvider) the fireEntityProviderChangeEvent there is a bug, (I think), follow the body of method:

     * Sends <code>event</code> to all registered listeners if
     * {@link #isFireEntityProviderChangeEvent() } is true.
     * @param event
     *            the event to send (must not be null).
    protected void fireEntityProviderChangeEvent(
            final EntityProviderChangeEvent<T> event) {
        LinkedList<WeakReference<EntityProviderChangeListener<T>>> list;
        synchronized (getListeners()) {
            assert event != null : "event must not be null";
if (getListeners().isEmpty() && !isFireEntityProviderChangeEvent()) {

infact if there are listeners they are called even if isFireEntityProviderChangeEvent is false.

I think the bold code should be:
if (getListeners().isEmpty() || !isFireEntityProviderChangeEvent()) {