Multiselectlistbox setvalue error

Hi guys,

i tried with version 14.5.3. Setting the value on 2 occasion causes the 2nd instance and more not to be selected.

Anyone experiencing this? Some advise would be good.


I just tested it and setting the value multiple times seems to be working as expected, could you please share a failing code snippet ?


i’m not sure this is related to .

I have a listbox inside a dialog. When i edit the entity, the value is selected, the first time.

But when i edit another entity again, the value of the Multiselectlistbox is not selected. I am very sure it is in the db as it worked with vaadin 14.3.7.


if someone can offer some help here.
Sample project as attached.

Opening a dialog should already set the multiselectlistbox to preselected values from the list.

Try changing the version to 14.3.7 and it will worked. (44.2 KB)

sample image