Multiple Windows and modal dialogs


Tried to use the new way to open multiple top level windows (
Ticket #1970
) but I’m having problems with modal dialogs opening into wrong parent window. They seem to always open to the first window, not to the one that is opening the dialog. I implemented the getWindow(String) in our application as recommended in Application.getWindow(String)'s JavaDocs. (And adding that new window to application with addWindow())

I didn’t reopen the ticket yet, in case I have missed something. Is this a bug or do I need to handle the subwindows somehow?

Using release 5.2.8

#1970 correction should have no effect on subwindows. As allways - do not add subwindows to application - instead add them to window with parentWindow.addWindow(yourSubWindow).

Yep, we were using getApplication().getMainWindow() instead of parent window. :oops: Works now, thanks.