Multiple widgetsets


I hope this is the right place in the forum for this question. I am trying to build an application that supports both mobile and desktop clients. My idea is to do it like this: I will have two Applications, one TouchKitApplication and one “normal” Application. Both will be accessible through different urls. But now I have a problem with the widgetsets. I want to have one widgetset for the TouchKit UI and one for the normal UI. So I created two different gwt.xml files, one inherting TouchKit and one that doesnt. In the web.xml I set the widgetsets accordingly. But now when I compile the non-TouchKit widgetset in Eclipse (selecting it and clicking the compile button in the toolbar) a line is automatically added to inherit TouchKit and when I open it in the browser the UI is displayed in the TouchKit style. Does anyone know how I can compile the widgetset without the compiler automatically adding this line?

Thank you guys in advance!

And something else: For both widgetsets there is also a line added that they inherit each other. For example, the MobileWidgetset.gwt.xml gets this line added:

<inherits name="com.schubec.projects.spass.widgetset.DesktopWidgetset" /> and the DesktopWidgetset vice versa…

Is there any solutions??

Add the following comment to your widgetset files to prevent automatic update:

<!-- WS Compiler: manually edited -->

Unfortunately this is not really documented anywhere that I know of.
Creating a “task” ticket
to document this somewhere could help others.