Multiple widgetset declared in web.xml

Having some problem using two different widget sets at the same time, want todo something like


Like Vaadinvisualization more allround, but the timeline widget are not dependent on flash.

Can I get vaadin to use two widget sets ?

Any workaround or direction towards better solution would make me happy :slight_smile:

All the best, Pether

You can’t define that in web.xml. An application can only have one widget set. You need to define a combining widget set that inherits the two different widget sets, and use that in your application.

10.5. Defining a Widget Set
for more details. You just need a GWT Module Descriptor (.gwt.xml) that contains
elements for the two widget sets to combine. Then you need to compile the widget set. If you’re using the Eclipse Plugin, just click the Compile Widgetset button; if not, you need to make a build script to compile it. See the Book for more details.

The link is dead. Similar article for Vaadin 6 is

Here’s the same page in the current Vaadin 7 docs (not that much has changed):

  1. VAADIN supports only 1 widgetset
  2. If your application needs more widgetsets, open the file


    .gwt.xml and add as below
  1. NOTE:
    i) org.vaadin.hene.popupbutton.widgetset.PopupbuttonWidgetset–> automatically falls in this above file if you use Eclipse widgetset compile option
    Reason: The widgetset is
    not available
    in ADDON JAR file. So this gets generated along with your project

    ii) → Does not generate automatically. You need to manually enter the details
    Reason: The widgetset is
    already available
    in the ADDON JAR file. So you need to add it manually. Else you will not be able to find out the reason

  2. Please use this if logic if you need to add multiple custom widgetset in your project