Multiple TabSheet Layout

I have few tabs one of them is displaying an table and some buttons, another one displays an Hierarchical tree and has an custom search Box. I have set the size of my tabs to H:420px W:250px so they have the same size, if the table gets too big or the tree to long I get an scrollbar (that’s what I wanted) the problem is that the other components like the search Box and the buttons are being forced down at the bottom of the layout so if I want to access the buttons/ search Box I have to scroll all the way down so I can use the component I want. I have tried to add an second layout only for the components but it didn’t help:-/ here’s what I have tried so far:

TabSheet tabs = new TabSheet();

VerticalLayout lyTab = new VerticalLayout();
tabOne = tabs.addTab(lyTab, "Tab One", null);
//added an extra layout for the Buttons :
HorizontalLayout  lyButton = new HorizontalLayout();

my idea was to add an second layout to the tabSheet so i can fix its position so it cant move but it didnt work . any ideas ?

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