Multiple radio button group on FormLayout not selected from code

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong… I have a form layout, and on it mupltiple radio button groups. All the groups have 3 choice: dont filter / filter for no / filter for yes. When I try to set the groups selected item programaticallly, the setting is not displayed on the form, but if I click on the buttons, then they are getting select properly…

RadioButtonGroup rb = new RadioButtonGroup(name);
rb.setItemLabelGenerator(item → {
return rgbValues.get(item);
private Map<Integer, String> rgbValues = new HashMap<Integer, String>();

name is String, ConstantsUi.RBG_NOFILT_VALUE is -1 , YES is 1, NO is 0

rgbValues.put(ConstantsUi.RBG_NOFILT_VALUE, “RBG_NOFILT”));
rgbValues.put(ConstantsUi.RBG_YES_VALUE, “RBG_YES”));
rgbValues.put(ConstantsUi.RBG_NO_VALUE, “RBG_NO”));

Since the rb.setValue(poySelectdList.get(i)) did not work (the radio button did not get selected) I tried this, but this also not works:
Integer toSet = pozSelectedList.get(i);
if (toSet.equals(ConstantsUi.RBG_NOFILT_VALUE))
if (toSet.equals(ConstantsUi.RBG_YES_VALUE))
if (toSet.equals(ConstantsUi.RBG_NO_VALUE))
pozSelectedList is List

I have a dialog with 1 radio button group, and on that it works as it should -.- With the same logic, Integer based with item label generator, also gets the value from an Integer,String map

I can identify which radio button group I whish to set with the i

thank you