multiple distinct widgetsets in same webapp ?

I have a near-real-time webapp that runs in two parts Under /app/ there are regular computer-oriented screens, and under /m/ there are tablet-oriented screens.

For cost reasons, we use small Archos 2.8 inch Android tablets and older generation iPods as input devices. The tablets are tiny and don’t have much RAM. After a while, the built-in webkit browser sometime freezes or runs erratically, especially on the Android tablets. I would like to build a truly minimal widgetset for these devices (pretty much all I use are native buttons, vertical and horizontal layouts, and a special div that does onTouch events instead of onClick for responsiveness).

My questions are

  1. is there a way to have /m and /app application classes use distinct widgetsets in the same webapp (given that it is a parameter in the servlet mapping, I suspect there is, but are there any hidden gotchas to be aware of ?)

  2. if 1) is confirmed, what is the best way to create the two widgetsets ? I run Maven, and the autodiscovery would appear, at first glance, to lump everything together. Do I have to create separate projects, one for my /app UI and one for my /m UI so that the Maven magic works ? Or do I have to “revert” to ant ?