Multiple Applicatons Context - How to

I need to create a Vaadin system with multiple applications.
In reality I don’t really need multiple applications but multiple context.
A multi application system could be a solution (but I don’t know how) or a multiple window system with different contexts (but again I don’t know how).
I don’t know how many windows/applications I should manage and the number could change during the product lifecycle, depending on metadata.
Could someone provide a solution ?

Without more to go by, the only thing I can answer is this: with Vaadin (and especially Vaadin7), you can have as many browser tabs/window open as you want. All of them will have their own state, and can point to separate applications.

Every application can run in a separate browser window, with its own state, the point is the possibility to have one or more than one application running in the same window (user will not care about windows) with different contexts, transactions, database connection and so on.

Yes, you can run multiple Vaadin applications inside the same browser window; but you might want to use something like Liferay and build separate portals instead.

I don’t need something like portlets, running in the same time in the same window but, simply during an application execution, open a new a window in wich I can run another application with its own context,connection etc… an then get back to the previous one.
Like the simple situation in wich, creating an order I see the customer is not yet coded and then I could open an other appication and code it before get back to the previous operation.
It would be better to have also the possibility to switch between applications with a simple mouse click.

Well you could map all your applications into different URLs, and embed them into iframes; this would allow you to have Vaadin apps inside Vaadin apps.