Multiple Applications with a consistent navigation


I am looking to develop multiple applications that have a consistent look and feel along with a consistent navigation between applications but they should consistently work together and sometimes share an overarching flow. Some of the applications make sense to have a different domain (e.g. but some do not.

The below example is merely an illustration of the potential problem and it should be obvious why the full scope should be split into multiple components. Looking at #6 below… it is further apparent that there may be “sub components” which are further reasonable to develop as separate applications but should have a consistent view and intra-site navigation.

What is the logically and reasonable way to decouple an application into different components while retaining a consistent overarching view/navigation between components?

  1. Public Application
  2. Consumer Shop Application
  3. Enterprise Shop Application
  4. Government Shop Application
  5. Consumer Self Care Application
  6. Enterprise Self Care Application
    6.1. Enterprsie selfcare 360 view
    6.2. Enterprise product service 1
    6.3. Enterprise product service 2
  7. Government Self Care Application
  8. Partner Self Care Application
  9. Service Self Care Application
    10.Developer Portal Application
  10. Backoffice Application
  11. Call Centre Application
  12. Operations Application

I would want different teams to develop and deploy these in isolation without tight dependencies or composition before deployment.

Any advice?

I suppose the most straightforward answer would be to use iframes to display the various applications and sub-applications and just have a dummy main view that does nothing except handles the navigation.

There’s also the possibility to do embedded applications:

Or perhaps portlets