Multi-user Table update

Hi, All!
I’m trying to implement multi-user GUI update with vaadin BeanItemContainer + Table.
Is there any way to update tables in all application’s instances when i add new item or change existing (here I use ICEPush)?

I was trying to implement applications instance pool, but unsuccesfully. May be it is better to use singletoned datasource? Is there any standardized way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, guys!
Finally I found the solution. Here it is: as vaadin multi-thread applications use threadLocal pattern it is better to implement broadcast table update in next way. It is just a simple union of Registry pattern and ICEPush technology. In registry you should put newly created application instances and when it is neccessary notify the registry about event (CRUD of some entity). Registry should broadcast this event to all of registered application instances and make push() for them (for each).

Hope, this will help you.