Multi tab project flashes the window content twice on opening new tab


I’ve set up multiple tabs using the standard approach of overriding getWindow(). But I notice that the page “flashes” up, then loads then comes up properly. Is there any way to get around it?. I find it seems unrefined :).

Cheers, Ryan

I think it was a combination of a few things. But adding fragments to the URLs made it a nightmare!.

Anyway, pretty much I solved it by having logic to handle each case (whether it is Application.init(), a new tab initiated by a user, a new tab creating by the system, f the new tab has a fragment already, etc). For each case it handles it using a different path to end up with the right result.

I haven’t completely eliminated flashing, but I have it flash with a blank page then have it load the correct page. I achieved this by putting a refresher on the blank page, which immediately on loading initiates the callback to load the correct page. If the URL has a fragment, then the blank page is loaded first, then replaced by the correct page from the fragment (and the refresher is ignored). Anyway what looks like lots of dirty hacks and it seems to do what I want.