Multi-select Combo Box value renderer

I love that Vaadin now have multi-select combo box.
I am wondering if it is possible or maybe if this should become an option. I will explain.
I have a kode and description, where the user select multiple of them from a list. New users typically do not know what each code means so the description is very helpful. I have implemented setItemLabelGenerator which does as supposed. This shows a long list when the users starts typing where all elements is on this form: kode1 | description1.
However the description is not something that is supposed to be displayed inside the text input area. The descriptions is way to long and I only want to display the much shorter codes. Cant see that this is possible. Guess we could have one render for all selectable options and another renderer for display inside the text input area. Maybe this is already possible but I am doing it wrong. Any suggestions?

setItemLabelGenerator for the items in the input box
setRenderer for the details in the drop down

Aha…, then I need both at the same time. I will try.

It’s the same API as the regular Comboxo

You are absolutely correct. I learned something there. Thanks.