MSSQLGenerator and TableQuery issue

I successfully use SQLContainer and TableQuery with MySQL and Oracle but not with MS SQL server 2008.
I use the MSSQLGenerator like this : generator = new MSSQLGenerator(“'”, “'”);

I have a very simple table calle webTypeFormulaire with 3 columns :
cle is my primary key (an ineger)
valeur char(8)
version (int) that I wiill use as the versionColumn

I successfully create the TableQuery, but I have an error when I try to create the SQLContainer using the TableQuery :

13 mars 2014 11:12:18 getPropertyIds
ATTENTION: Failed to fetch property ids, rolling back Windowed functions do not support constants as ORDER BY clause expressions.

I tried to retrieve the query string from the StatementHelper :
SELECT * FROM (SELECT row_number() OVER ( ORDER BY ‘cle’ ASC) AS rownum, * FROM webTypeFormulaire) AS a WHERE a.rownum BETWEEN 2 AND 31

I am a bit confused because the ORDER BY clause is within an embedded SELECT clause and not at the top level SELECT clause and SQL server does not allow this.

Has anyone succesfully used TableQuery with MS SQL server ? And what is wrong with my table or code ?

Thank you

The main issue was the call to the constructor with single quotes instead of double-quotes.
The result was that ‘cle’ was considered as a constant instead of a column name.
I called the default MSSQLGenerator constrcutor without parameters and get it work.