moving from echo3 to vaadin

We have developed a echo3 application and we think about to move to vaadin.

I plan to to do this smoothly by running both frameworks at the same time in migrate the application step by step.
Has anyone tried this or an other approach for mananing this ?


In theory there should not be anything preventing this - it should be possible to run the frameworks on the same page, in the same WAR and communicate between them with direct Java calls.

In any case, please write about your experiences on forums. There might be others looking to do exactly the same thing.

Running both at the same time works out of the box.

The challenge will be to bring both frameworks together.
Open a vaadin Dialog within an echo3 Window for example.

I will share my experience if I´m going ahead wih this approach.

Ah. Yes - that will be hard.

You can embed a Vaadin application inside a div inside another web page/application (See
) - but you can’t do that at the window/component/dialog level, as far as I’m aware.

I suspect that trying to integrate the UI portions of the application a-piece-at-a-time will be more effort than it’s worth…



We Moved our application ( quite large ), from echo3 to vaadin in about two weeks. Lots of search and replace using sed scripts . and then some changes to the application ‘specially data binding for forms an tables’ , but it was a painless exercise, and totally worth it.

sounds good. I tried to mix both systems.
In principal it could work (I didn´t complete it) - but I guess it´s easer to make a hard cut.
The challange we have is, that we have a custom component with a 3D plugin, that needs to moved to vaadin.

Perhaps you should look at Vaadin 7 rather. It has much easier way to integrate JavaScript components…