Mouse up event on a Slider


I am using the SliderBar add-on component.
When the user is moving the slider, a label must be changed.
This works perfectly by listening the Property.ValueChangeEvent

But, I would like also to rebuild a graphe which depends on the value of the Sliding bar.

If I listen the Property.ValueChangeEvent , my graphe building function will be call for each modification of values.
For example, moving from 100-> 400 by step of 100 will launch 3 times the building of the graph.

So, I would like to know if it is possible to receive, from the client-side, the MOUSEUP event, indicating that the user releases the mouse button.
I had a look on the proposed events, but I did not find it.

Is -it possible to have this event transmitted to the server-side ?

Thanks in advance


i am also looking for such facility and answer or pointer to a solution would be great.

Currently, there is no event to the server side about this.

Note that the value can also be modified using the keyboard or the mouse scroll wheel. In these cases, I believe the client side “groups” updates that happen within 100 ms, although I did not verify this.

EDIT: My reply was about the standard Slider, not the SliderBar add-on, so not that relevant here.

I don’t think you need to know about the MOUSEUP event.

However, there is a setImmediate and setSuperImmediate methods for the sliderbar that determines how often you get values back to the server. setSuperImmediate(false) and you only receive values whenthe mouse is released at the end of sliding.

If this is not what you need and you can make your needs clearer
I can add such functionality as I am planning for an update to the add-on soon.

is a better thread to continue SliderBar related discussion .

Thanks for your answer.
I already tried the “immediate” and “superImmediate” functionalities of the SliderBar.

In fact, I need to receive an event when the value changed to display the current value in a text field.
But, I would like also to know when the user releases the mouse to update a graph.

To change the value is a caption is not a performance cost action.
But, to update a graph, recalculating all the values can be time consuming.

It is why I would like to be able to “capture” the two events.


Is this issue solved?I too need such functinality.