Mouse Events on Windows

Hi! I’m having different windows in my application and I should know when the mouse is not over a specific window. Does anybody know how this could be done?

This could be achieved with plain CSS, depending on the behavior/actions you need to perform and if you don’t need to support IE6.

If you need a client-server round-trip to trigger from the “mouseover” (e.g. need to validate some data that triggers the behaviour), you need to extend the server-side
class and the client-side
class and implement that functionality yourself using GWT.

If it simply a matter of showing or hiding some elements/components in the window depending on the “mouseover”/hover, you can use the CSS
pseudo class. If you need IE6 support, you need to extend the
class and implement the hover behavior using GWT.

If you can provide more info of the use-case/behavior I can answer a bit more specifically.