more custom integrated widget problems

First i try to add the widget and a Vaadin button on the same subwindow.
What happends is:

  • if i add the button first, it works;
  • if i add the button after the widget it doesn’t show.
  • also i can’t seem to make setScrollable(false) on the subwindow while the widget is present, it always works.
    11201.war (696 KB)

My first though was that your custom widget may generate a JS exception when it’s rendering itself, causing the client side rendering engine to stop working. Try adding ?debug parameter in you application URL, and check from the Vaadin debug window does it show some JS error.

If this is the case, we really should have some fail-safe mechanism so that one widget’s error wouldn’t affect the rest of the rendering. Wrapping each widget paint inside try-catch might work, but I’m not sure how much that will affect performance.

The API is a bit confusing. The method isn’t actually supposed to prevent user from scrolling, but it enables scrolling from the server side (setScrollTop/setScrollLeft). This is IMO a terrible bug, and should be fixed in version 7, at least. One ticket about the scrollable interface is open currently:
. You could open a new one for this issue?

But back to the issue: by design the window won’t have a scrollbar if you don’t provide any explicit size for it. Leave the window and its layout undefined sized, and the window should size to its contents. If this still results in a scrollbar, sounds like a bug.

The scrollbar problem was solved by setting subwindow and its layout to undefined, as you said.
The other problem is still there, the framework just doesn’t render it for some reason: