Modularity with Vaadin and OSGi

I have implemented a nice OSGi-based solution for modules within a Vaadin application, inspired by the blog entry that can be found here:

What is the scenario? We have a core and several plugins that offer different visualization options for the same thing. Each of them provides a Vaadin component to the core. I have eliminated the war file and turned all archives into OSGi compliant jars. Things are working fine, but one problem remains:

Is there a way to put the plugin related Javascript code for the plugins’ widgets into the plugin jars themselves and not in the core? I have implemented a VaadinResourceManager that is used by Vaadin to get resources from the bundles, but Vaadin always tries to get the resources from the core-widgetset. The only solution is to inherit from all the plugin widgetsets in order to make sure that the Javascript code is available in the core-widgetset. I would be much better to put this code into the plugin jars and let Vaadin ask to get the resources from the plugin-widgetset.

Has anybody an idea of how to achieve this behavior?