Modifying Calendar add-on and recompiling WidgetSet


I’m trying to fix some problem with the rendering of objects in different browsers : the calendar next & previous buttons can ben disabled by setting their handlers to null :


But I can still see the button images in Internet Explorer IE7, IE8 and IE9 but I don’t have these arrows (arrows.png) in Firefox…

So I decided to modify the vaadin-calendar-cval-2.0-1.2.1.jar…

I modified the VCalendar class (in a new workspace) and exported the jar into my workspace.

When I compiled my WidgetSet, I kept on getting cannot find import com.vaadin.addon.calendar.ui…

So I decided to extract the and class files. I modified them, recompiled the widgetSet with no errors.

When I deployed my widgetSet, no error showed in the console, however, the calendar didn’t show.

What a mess it is just to hide 2 buttons from a Calendar!

Why are the widgetsets different from IE and Firefox?

I have a license that we have purchased for support, how do I get help on this?

Thank you,

Hi Patrick,

That was a bug that ought to be fixed in Vaadin Calendar 1.2.2 that was released a short while ago. Please try with the new version and see if that fixes your problems and, if not, please file a ticket for it.

As for the compilation problem, it’s really hard to say without more information. What kind of error messages did you get? Does the component just not show up or is there a message? Anything in the ?debug log?