Modal Window Browser

Is it possible to open a link in a separate window browser which will be modal?
For example my vaadin application has a button and clicking which open a url (for example say in a separate window browser and this window browser will be modal. Unless or until I close this window browser, i will not be able to go back to my application interface.

Please help me on this topic.

As far as I know, no, you can not do that using browser windows. But you can create model pop-windows, and inside that pop-up window, you can use embedded component to open any URL (external eg, or internal, eg, app url)

Thanks Vikrant for replying. I am a beginer to vaadin so bothering u with one more quesion.
which embedded component should I use to open an external link?

The BrowserFrame allows embedding web content inside an HTML

Thanks vikrant once again. Its worked just the way I wanted it.