Mobile fullscreen - hide address bar

I’m writing a responsive app and is working fine, the last thing I want to improve is when I’m using in a mobile device it look like a native app. I tried a lot of approuches (meta tags, js) to hide the addres bar, but I was unlucky.

How can I accomplish that?

On an android when you run the app under chrome you can select “Add to homescreen” and name the icon as you wish. It will place an Icon that runs your touchkit app w/o the address bar.


I’m not using touchkit, this is a regular vaadin app that use Responsive.makeResponsive(this); and tweaked the scss code as needed.

I already tried “Add to homescreen” but unsuccessfully.

Just tried it here, and you are correct. My regular vaadin app on my android even with “add to homescreen” shows the address bar.

Let’s hope some Vaading expert chimes in with an answer.