Mixing/embeding vaadin in a current homepage


I have tried to figure this out by searching the net and this forum, but I don’t really get the idea how to embed a vaadin application in a current webpage?

I understand the idea of embedding a vaadinapplication in to an iframe of a current webpage.
Just point the iframe address to a current deployed vaadin war app. e.g. http://localhost:8080/vaadinapp.

But I want to be able to open certain vaadin subwindows in a current webpage or from a link from a webpage or something like that… or insert a vaadin form into a current webpage…

If you see It like this:
I have a “normal” webpage on my localhost, and a war-file with a vaadin app deployed on the same host? And in some way I can add vaadin stuff to my current page?

Or is it better let vaadin be the “base” and implement the webpage inside the vaadin-application??
Exactly how is this done in the vaadin sampler?? As I see it, it is a webpage that implement certain vaadin functionality?

I really need an easy example or explanation about this?

Hi Martin,

See the HTML source for the multiapp demo to see how to easily embed multiple applications on a regular HTML page: