Mixing add-ons with base Vaadin and RPM packaging

I just spent few hours headbanging how to crossbreed crocodile with gorilla (a custom Grizzly-based webserver with an embedded Vaadin
(read: no WAR, MANIFEST, XML and stuff like that involved at all)
with Vaadin Add On) and package all that hell into an RPM from bare sources nicely. As a result, I just gave up on Add-Ons as they are, moved all the best Add-Ons to the Vaadin distribution directly, and got something like "
" for instance, recompiled everything together from the sources as a “Fat” version of Vaadin. So I’ve got it working right, packaged and everyone now can just use that stuff out of the box without GWT SDK required at all. Phew!

After all, Add-Ons needs to be literally add-ons: you download a JAR, you dropped it in, and it just works without any recompilation. You can also compile it separately from your project. Then it is Add-on. But if this is not this way, I would rather call it “Source Code Extensions and Ideas”.

P.S. Can somebody please remove that
extremely annoying
sticker “Pro Support” that overlaps TextArea and other things? It at least can be top/bottom/right, but never on the left side in the middle of the page!!