Mixed data in drill down chart

I found strange behaviour in column with multi level drilldown chart.
In vaadin chart demo, if there is same data for second level series then data got mixed.
For example, region r1 has countries c1,c2 and c3. And region r2 has countries c4,c5 and c1 i.e.country c1 is common in both region.
Can anybody help on this?

Thank you!

I’m not sure I understand what data got mixed, could you provide a source example of your configuration? It could be based on the demo sources.

Hi Guillermo Alvarez,
Thank you for your quick response.
Please follow below steps:
Step-1: Please go to https://demo.vaadin.com/charts/#ColumnWithMultiLevelDrilldown
Step-2: See the java source
Step-3: Search the line, countryItem = new DataSeriesItem(“Belize”, 59.3);
Step-4: Replace Belize to Switzerland in above line
Here the scenario is, Switzerland belongs to “Western Nations” region. Now, I have added Switzerland to “Latin America and Carribean Countries” region i.e. Switzerland is duplicate for two regions.
Now, when chart loads, follow below steps:
Step-1: Click on “Western Nations”
Step-2: Click on Back to Regions
Step-3: Click on “Latin America and Carribean Countries”
Please see attached image to see the issue.
Let me know if you require more details.


Will try to reproduce it tomorrow, but now I understand the issue and how to reproduce it, thanks!

Thank you so much for your quick feedback. Please let me know your findings on same.

I was able to reproduce it now, and also found it was already reported https://github.com/vaadin/charts/issues/460

I was also able to reproduce the issue in Highcharts the underlying charting library https://jsfiddle.net/alvarezg/0dk64200/

Unfortunately I haven’t found a workaround for this issue other than making the DataSeriesItem names different

Will it be solved in next release of vaadin charts?

It will be fixed in the next charts version that includes a Highcharts update, such release is part of the [roadmap]
(https://vaadin.com/roadmap), but there isn’t a planned date for it yet.

The issue had been fixed in version 6…Thank you!