Missing scrollbar on Table

I know I’ve done this successfully before - but suddenly I have a piece of code that doesn’t work. I’m creating a table. The data source (JPAContainer) has over
500k rows in it. The table page size is set to 20. The window displays the table, with 20 rows, and no scrollbar - so I can’t see the rest of the data. I have a filter textfield
that I can apply to the data, and if I add a filter, the 20 rows of the table change to show the first 20 filtered rows. So the data is there. How do I get the scrollbar?



The code around the table looks like this:

public Win_AddGraphs(JART_Application app, Window w, Dispatcher disp){
		myPage = this;
		myApp = app;
		myDispatcher = disp;
		curPlaylist = myDispatcher.getCurPlaylist(false);
		wAddGraph = w;

		myApp.traceEnter(myDispatcher.getCurUser().getUname(), "Win_AddGraphs::Constructor");
		myApp.set_DbgId(myPage, false);

		vlHeader = new VerticalLayout();
		vlWorkspace = new VerticalLayout();


		setExpandRatio(vlWorkspace, 1.0f);

		myApp.traceLeave(myDispatcher.getCurUser().getUname(), "Win_AddGraphs::Constructor");

private void buildWorkspace(){
		Ctl_RRD_Record crrd = new Ctl_RRD_Record();

		jc_RRD_Record = crrd.jcGetAllRrdRecord();
		Logger.info("# Records: " + jc_RRD_Record.size());

		tbl_RRDRecord = new Table();
//		tbl_RRDRecord.setSizeFull();
		tbl_RRDRecord.setVisibleColumns(new Object[] { "id", "rrdPath", "description" });
		tbl_RRDRecord.setColumnWidth("id", 50);
		tbl_RRDRecord.setColumnWidth("rrdPath", 420);
		tbl_RRDRecord.setColumnWidth("description", 420);


I went back to an earlier version of the program and gradually modified it to match the current version, and so far, the scrollbar has not disappeared on me. I am currently not setting the pageSize but that is about the only difference I can see at the moment. I will experiment with the pageSize() call and see if I can reproduce the problem again, but for the moment, the program seems to be working properly again…


I’m seeing scrollbar breakage after updating to Vaadin 6.8.0. I don’t know that the Vaadin Eclipse plugin is updated to 6.8 yet.

I confirm the same issue even with a small table and BeanItemContainer… The update of the jar file broke the table’s scrollbar…

BeanItemContainer<Gtmx> beans = new BeanItemContainer<Gtmx>(Gtmx.class);

		beans.addAll(new GtmxManager(Test6Application.getEntityManagerFactory())


Try adding “?debug” to your URL and click the AL button to check for layout problems there might be in your UI. If it reports any problems, first fix them and then try again. Also try with the latest release 6.8.1 or the latest nightly build.

There are definitely many applications with big tables using Vaadin 6.8 and the automatic tests contain many such situations, but maybe there is also a bug somewhere. If that is the case, a small program demonstrating the problem would be useful for a bug report.

6.8.1 works for me now.

Although some other issue has occured…