Missing "./lib/shady-render.js" export in "lit-html" package


I’m getting this error during the build-frontend phase.

[ERROR] Stderr: 'vite v3.2.7 building for production... [ERROR] transforming... [ERROR] ✓ 134 modules transformed. [ERROR] [commonjs--resolver] Missing "./lib/shady-render.js" export in "lit-html" package [ERROR] error during build: [ERROR] Error: Missing "./lib/shady-render.js" export in "lit-html" package

My app is build using vaadin-flow 23.3.26.

It’s the first time I’m seeing this.

Any ideas what’s happening and where this is coming from?



Found the issue,

I wrote a clipboard component that was importing granite-clipboard@3.1.1.

This one has a transient dependency on lit-element@^2.2.1 which caused the conflict