Migration from 8 to 14 enforces license check

We have migrated a Java Enterprise application (JBoss) with Vaadin 8 to Flow (BOM=14.0.0). We migrated to 14 in compatibility mode so there was very little to do in the code (@Route and web.xml).
When we deploy the application, we are prompted to enter the license key. Then the error :
“Opening system browser to validate license. If the browser is not opened, please open https://vaadin.com/pro/validate-license?connect=f60fc24f-e5d6-4b38-81a6-ce3189bb547c manually
Unable to validate subscription. Please go to https://vaadin.com/pro/validate-license to check that your subscription is active. You can also find instructions for installing the license on a build server at https://vaadin.com/pro/validate-license

We use only core functionality and some free add-ons (confirmdialog, viritin and gridextensionpack), so whence the license ?

Thank you for your support.


Please find attached the Vaadin dependencies we use.
Thank you.

18077822.txt (6.42 KB)

I see that you have MPR product in your dependencies, that one requires a license, which is also mentioned in documentation here: https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/mpr/Overview.html

Thank you Tatu, the point is abolutely clear now.