migrate from vaadin flow 14 to 23, block to build for production and require license

does anyone know why build with production goal, is keeping fail on missing license for commercial components e.g. vaadin-board, despite those not in use by app?

Failed to execute goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:23.3.1:build-frontend (default) on project view-shell: Execution default of goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:23.3.1:build-frontend failed: The provided license key does not allow usage of vaadin-board 23.3.1. Check that the license has not expired and that the product you are trying to use does not require another type of subscription. → [Help 1]

Edit: I should learn to read before answering

Make sure to only include vaadin-core instead of vaadin as dependency

i copy all from the spring skeleton, so i dont this this is the issue. i delete my local license for Charts on vaadin 7-8. getting something similar:
[INFO] Running Vite …
[INFO] Opening system browser to validate license. If the browser is not opened, please open https://vaadin.com/pro/validate-license?connect=3fbe00de-5912-4c1d-873a-41f09e3f03cf&productName=vaadin-board&productVersion=23.3.1 manually
[INFO] If you are working offline, please visit https://vaadin.com/pro/validate-license?getOfflineKey=mid-ff52de2b-e85f467f for an offline license
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Can you show us your pom?

@quirky-zebra Thanks a lot for your help. our app have infrastructure for markup extension abstract lang what gives us the ability to do the upgrades without change our pages code. this infra contained vaadin and not vaadin-core, so it get into app via the infra dependency. probably this was the root cause, will change and test now. Thanks