Method after refresh grid

I have a view that use @UIScope to store the UI. In that view I have a grid loaded with ConfigurableFilterDataProvider(). After navigation, when I come back in that view, the grid is refresh (no problem with that). How can I execute some code after this refresh ? Wich method can I use ? Thank you in advance.

You can use this on the grid dataprovider:
Which should be triggered after a filter or a refreshAll

Although just an after navigation listener might be enough?

Thank you for your reply. I’ve tested the “addDataProviderListener”. But the code is never executed ?! Perhaps becaus I use ConfigurableFilterDataProvider and “DataProvider.<T, F>fromFilteringCallbacks” ?!

To use it I have to add implements “AfterNavigationObserver” in my view and implement the methode “afterNavigation” isn’t it ? I have try this but the method is executed before the refresh