MeteorCursor widget

Here’s an eyecandy widget that I made for Vaadin.

In all simplicity, it’s a component that doesn’t have dimensions by itself, but once you move the cursor fast enough, it generates some


particle trails behind your cursor. I don’t really know if it’s all that functional, and secretly hope that nobody will use it as is. But it would be neat to find out someone finding some practical use for it!

There’s a demo at
, and the source (along with a vaadin addon JAR and example project) at

Works on all tested browsers with the exception of IE6, it having troubles with translucent PNG:s and it having a flickering cursor while the particles render.

The new version is hypnotic. Should we have it on by default? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Definitely should! It’s licensed under Apache 2.0 (sorry, forgot to mention that in the original post), so go right ahead :). If anyone gets any ideas for more parameters to tweak on (though the current ones seem pretty flexible already), I’m all

I guess I’ll give it a few more coats of polish (e.g. make the start of particles be relative to the direction of movement, instead of current fixed (10;10) offset from pointer,
support for crude non-gif animation, add a README and a LICENSE) and call it 1.0.0 stable…

But I make a promise: The next widget I start on (today or tomorrow) should be more useful :wink:

MeteorCursor is now declared to be 1.0.0 stable, the addon JAR is at