MenuBar popup

Hey Guys,

Is there anyway we can move the popup window of MenuItems from the Menubar?

As an example I have quite a few MenuBars underneath each other and when hovering over the top one, all the options below it gets hidden as it is behind the popup.

Would it perhaps be possible to manually set the location of the popup? e.g. like Top, below, left or right from the MenuBar?

Please see attached menu.png for example. Please excuse the labels.

Hi Brandon,

i don’t know how to set the location for a MenuBar, but you could try the
component. The Accordion is a layout component that organizes the contained components under vertically laid out tabs to display them. Maybe this fits your use case.



Hi Johannes,

In my case the MenuBar works much better and would really like to use it.

If I could only add additional classes to v-menubar-popup element then I would be able to move it with css but there is no way for me to access that popup.

I also can’t add styles to v-menubar-popup as I am using MenuBar’s around the application as well and those will go off as well.