Menubar margin problem

Hi all, I just finished to read the Vaadin book, and I am currently writing my first vaadin web application. But I have a problem with the menuBar. The menuBar is set into two divs. The first one contains this:

overflow: hidden; margin: 18px; width: 1644px; height: 23px;

I need to set a margin of 0px. How to do that ? I searched for hours in the default css and nothing… Perhaps is it the VerticalLayout or HorizontalLayout which should be changed ?

Could you please point me in the right direction ?


Seems to me that it’s the outer layouts margin that your seeing. The menubar root element is clearly marked with .v-menubar classname.

See the chapter on layouts in the Book of Vaadin to see how to remove the margins. In general, myLayout.setMargin(false) should suffice.