Menubar deprecated?

hi folks,

I was developing a window system and I am using the menubar as a main reference to manipulate the windows, giving an overview over the current states etc…

two different problems I currently have:

  • how to bring a window in front of others?
  • how to add MenuItems?

the first is solved within the vaadin/gwt in the client itself. a bit javascript (using the new execute javascript function) will solve my needs.

the next was terrible to figure out. there is no possibility to add existing menuitems and, this is the frightening information, the menubar is deprecated. why it is deprecated? the deprecation list (in the api) shows no reason (the entry is blank). what should I use instead? and the worst of all. you (the vaadin group) show on your sample mark menubar as “new” (like new or new features).

please help me. I don’t want to develop a system using as a main component something that is marked as deprecated or will may be removed in the future?


not in any way deprecated
. You must have accidentally tried to use the client-side
, which is deprecated. It is only used internally by the FilterSelect component and is not meant to be used for anything else. The client-side counterpart for the server-side MenuBar is actually

thank you very much, Marko. I should not use searchengines as a shortcut into the api.
I doublechecked the links and yes, I was on the wrong pages.

the tipp with the VMenuBar solves my other problems.

thanks and happy new year to you