memory leak issue with Table

I get a webservice response , after parsing that response xml I create dtos and those dtos added to the list sent back to UI , On the UI I iterate the list and set the items on the vaadin Table to display in tabular form

The code is

List informationList = service.

	for (int i = 0; i < informationList.size(); i++) {

				new Object[] { informationList.get(i).getCheckoutSource(),
						informationList.get(i).getAssetStateChangeTime() },
						new Integer(i));

	table.sort(new Object[]{"Unit","Role"},new boolean[]


This loading of the data is not on any event , the data is loaded in table as soon as the page is requested or loaded . I think after the page load the binding of the table remain intact and the objects are not garbage collected .This is breaking my application under heavy load with out of memory exceptions.

Any help is appreciated , as I am stuck with this issue for sometime now

p.s. On every page load I am creating new instance of Table so table.removeAll() will not have any effect.