Meetup Cruise to Jfokus 2017

Hey all,

This year the
cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm will be instead organized by Oracle. However, we will join on board Silja Serenade for a meetup - together with some very good speakers. So join us there!

This is a unique opportunity for every Java professional based in Finland to attend Jfokus 2017 conference and network with other Java professionals at M/S Silja Serenade. Join us a cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm with speakers
David Delabassee
Sven Ruppert
Matti Tahvonen
, and
Mika Rinne
we are heading to Jfokus 2017!

Jfokus 2017 will be arranged in Stockholm 6-8 February - and it is the largest developer event in Sweden, with world class speakers!

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