May have discovered a bug.

I am getting an error that I can not figure out, and that seems to be caused by something deep in the Vaadin code. Unfortunately my code is pretty complex and relies on web services from my system to work, so I can not post the project on-line for you to look at. But here is what I am doing and what I am seeing at this point.

I have a screen and on that screen is a table. This table has only one column phone no and in the phone no column I am loading a custom field that extends CustomField. This field is composed of several components mainly a combo box and a text field.

  1. The first time I dynamically load this screen using “Class.forName”, everything works fine.
  2. The second time I load the screen the system does no seem to attaching the new PhoneField I create to the UI, and thus I am failing on null pointer exception when I attempt work with the controls in the phone field.
  3. When I check the getUI of the PhoneField the second time, it is null whereas the first time it is not.
  4. I have tried clearing the table before adding the new fields, but that does not seem to help.
  5. I have another PhoneField not in a table that is working fine, and I have other CustomFields similar to this that are working fine, on the same screen.
  6. This also does not happen when I switch records that I am viewing without leaving the screen, and the process is the same in both cases.

For some reason is seems like the system has decided not to attach the PhoneFields I am adding to the table to the UI as I add them on the second go around. I do not know if it thinks they are already there and that is why it is not adding them or what is happening.

Again I do not know how I can duplicate this except by working with someone at Vaadin showing what I am seeing, but if that is what is necessary I am willing to do that.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Realized I forgot to include the version number 7.1.13.
Thank you

Did some more cheicking and realized that the page I am attaching and detaching is losing the connection to the UI, because the parent of the page is being reset. Is there a background process that I might not be seeing that could be resetting the parent from my previous detach? Is so how can I force it clean up the before I move on?

Sorry for the trouble, found the problem. It was a trigger that I forgot to reset that was causing the issue.