Maven project hot deploy does not work

Hi, I’m using eclipse with Vaadin plugin, I have a Vaadin 7 project, run as server (tomcat 7) and the webpage works, if I change anything in the code, just press F5 on the browser and the changes are applied, the default vaadin project uses ivy as dependency management.

I’d like to use maven (vaadin-archetype-clean) , I have run the gol package jetty:run the application works fine, but if I change anything in the code the changes does not affect in the browser, I have to run everytime the gol jetty:run

So, How can I have “hotdeploy” with maven like I have usiing vaadin default project ?

Change jetty maven plugin configration in your pom.xml.


I have change this in the past and it didn’t work, When I change this configuration and change the code and save, in the console shows that was redeploy but the webpage does note show the changes that I made