Maven deps for Designer (declarative ui)?

Using the eclipse vaadin plugin one can create a project and use the new declarative ui-feature in 7.4.0 with the gui designer. Works just fine.

Using the java and html code produced by the designer in an existing maven project also works just fine. But, the designer doesn’t work just as fine, “searching for components”-message and nothing happens. So I suppose it’s missing some jars, that I should add to my pom. Any hints?


The “Searching for components”-message is currently a bug with the designer. You shouldn’t need any other dependencies for the designer to work.

We are currently working on fixing this and the progress of this issue can be followed in the bug report at
if you’re interested.

OK, I thought it was related to me trying to migrate Designer stuff over from an plugin/ivy-based project and to an existing maven-based project. I haven’t noticed this in projects created by the vaadin-plugin. Any workarounds?

Just for the record, I do get “a palette is not available” after a while, it’s not “searching for components” forever.

Do not see this when using ivy/vaadin-plugin only, it appears in maven-based projects.

OS X 10.10.2, Eclipse, Java 1.8_31. Vaadin 7.4.0

We located the issue to indeed be related to Maven projects and has been fixed.

Thank you for notifying us of the issue! :slight_smile: