Mapping Timestamp to DateField


I’m a newbie in vaadin, and I have a problem, as I’m using Oracle Database in my project, I’ve generated Entities with java.sql.Timestamp fields. As Timestamp is subclass of Date vaadin automatically generates a DateField component, but as Timestamp doesn’t have a constructor that accepts String I cannot commit the form to save my entity. I get$ConversionException.
Which method in DateField class I should @Override to make it work with Timestamp?

Thanks in advance

P.S. I found the solution. I just made my own class which extends timestamp and created a constructor, which accepts String and makes new Timestamp object from it.


I have a BeanItem that are added to Form. My class have several objects including Timestamp values. After editing timestamp with PopupDateField I get

Property$ConversionException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: java.sql.Timestamp.<init>(java.lang.String) . Form and fields are set immediate.

I tried several solution without result. Extending Timestamp accepting String values resulted desearilization exception (Propably hibernate don’t understand extended Timestamp class ?).

Does anyone have any suggestions ?