Many different application for communication with icepush

i have two applications in my vaadin project, one is x,and other one is y, x want push messages to y and y want push messages to x ,but the icepush dont work ,any one can help me ?? thanks very much !!

IcePush doesn’t handle any cross-application (instance) communication, it just pushes changes in a Vaadin application to the browser. You’ll still need to figure out how to actually have the application instances communicate with each other. This can be done for example using static variables (unless the applications are in different JVMs) or through a database.

There are multiple options on how to implement this, you’ll just have to find the most appropriate solution for your application. For example, if you use static variables, you
objects between application instances, but your application itself still needs to check for changes in the static variable.

thanks very much!