Management pages


By browsing
your site vaadin
, there are management pages,
The question : is there a method with Vaadin 6.7.5 to do it, or it is absolutely necessary to install the Navigator 7 for that.


What do you mean with management pages? Also, many parts of doesn’t use the Vaadin framework, including the Book of Vaadin. For example with static content like the book you’re better of using a more traditional approach (html). Navigator 7 is just an add-on on top of Vaadin so what ever has been implemented there can be implemented without it in Vaadin as well.

While browsing in my application, going from one page to another, the url does not change.
This is because I have not managed pages.
The problem is that the “previous” button does not return to the previous page in my application but make it leave.
That’s why I want to remake my application.
When looking at how to do this , I discovered that Navigator7 can manage this problem.
But is there another way to do it?

Yes, the URLFragmentUtility.