Making ViewMenuUI compact


I wonder how to make instances of ViewMenuUI appear more compact. Say, once it is not enough space it rearrange caption position to take less space.

How to achive this behaviour right away? or simply make it automatically hide/unhide


The ViewMenu used in ViewMenuUI should be “responsive” by default. But it might require you to have viewport settings in you host page.

I’d like to sometimes spend a day with that and make a version of it that allows more customization for the menu via server side API. Too many ideas, too little time…


Got it!

It is responsive though I want it shrank by default… we don’t have much space for that.


If you can do CSS stunts, I’d then look at the valo menu rules in the Valo theme and change the threasholds. If you can’t I can only suggest to look into custom version of the ViewMenu.