Make Grid Rows Focusable?

I have a grid on a page where the whole row is selectable with a mouse click.

I want the grid rows to be focusable so that I can tab to the rows and select the row with the enter key.

Is there a way to set each grid row as focusable?

Set the selection mode to single:

Although you’ll need to use arrow keys to move the selection and enter to select, like in other select components. Tab will only move between focusable elements.

It’s not written declaratively with elements. Is there a Java method that does this?

This is the Vaadin Elements forum, so I assumed that you were referring to the Elements grid.

If you are working with the framework Grid, the method you’re looking for is

My apologies. I do see that we already have setSelectionMode(SelectionMode.SINGLE);

I’ll try to move this to the other forum.