Make everything just a little bit larger

I have built a piece of an application in Vaadin.

In order for it to visually integrate with the rest of the application, I have reproduced some pieces on in the Vaadin app (header, footer, etc).

I’m using exactly the same html on the vaadin page that is used on the other (non-vaadin) pages of the app.

But everything on the vaadin page looks just a little smaller than on the other pages.

Is there a way to scale every thing up, by maybe 10%?

Is it the text size/appearance that is different? Perhaps the Vaadin theme’s CSS is affecting the appearance of the elements for the header and the footer.

You’ll have to use something like Firebug to find out what elements are being hit by which CSS rules, and customise your own theme to adjust for them.

There’s probably a simple global font-size property that you can use to make everything bigger (but that will then make the Vaadin bits bigger too).