Main Window w/ScrollBar - Newbie question

I’ve searched as much as I can, but have still not found the magic code. :V

How do I make my main window much deeper and have a scrollbar on the right? ( Similar to this posting site ). I have a few too many components that need to be on my page.

Getting scrollbars right might be a bit tricky at first. The first rule to remember is that layouts do not support scrollbars, panels do. The second rule is to remember sizes. If you’ve defined setSizeFull() for a layout, then the layout will take as much space as there is available. If the layout’s content exceeds that size, then the content will simply be clipped out. If you haven’t defined a size for the layout, then the layout will take as much space as it needs. In other words, the layout will grow as you put more components into it.

So, do this: Check that your parent component container is a panel, set its size to full. Check that none of the
inside the panel is set to full size, they should all have an undefined height. If any of the layouts inside the panel has the size set to full, then it will clip any exceeding content.

Hope this wasn’t too confusing :slight_smile:

Thanks Kim, your explanation and the demos helps me a lot.