main menu vaadin site

hi folks

just one simple question : how to re use the mebar of vaadin site ? is it a custom menuBar with a specific theme ? i like it very much but don t know how to reuse it ?
any tricks ?


The Vaadin website is not actually made with Vaadin, just the Forums are an embedded Vaadin Application.
The way you could recreate a Menu like this in Vaadin would be to have a MenuBar on top. Below the Menubar you have a Layout/Panel which you change depending on the menuitem clicked. In this Layout you put another Menubar which does the same thing to the next layout/Panel.

well i try in this way but i am facing into menubar troubles.

first i have an mvp pattern.
i declare in an applicationView :
root = new VerticalLayout();
applicationMenuContainer = new VerticalLayout();
applicationMenuItemContainer = new VerticalLayout();

in the applicationMenuContainer i declare a menubar (ok)
in the applicationMenuItemContainer i add 2 menubars

my issue is that the 2 menubars are displayed. i want display one depends on the menuConatainer item selected (like the site main ui) i used menubar.setVisible(false) but in loss

any idea ?


I would do by switching the content of a layout: So in the MenuItem Commands you could do: MenuItemContainer.removeAllComponents() and then add your new content.
Another way would be to do it like the example on the bottom of
this page
using the navigator