mailto problem with IE

I’m trying to use html mailto included in Label.

Label l = new Label("<a href=""> SEND MAIL</a>", Label.CONTENT_XHTML);

(Label is on a Panel and Panel is on Window)

This works fine on Chrome, FF …
but IE8 opens default mail client but before that redirect page to the url from mailto content (as it would be normal url link).

I was trying to use different assumptions for mailto - setting document location, adding target parameter, etc. to link - result is the same, works everywhere except IE.

Is anybody has any suggestions to solve it?

Check that you are using quotes correctly in href attribute.

No the problem is still actual.
I edited the typo I made in first post - I have it correctly in my code.
So please tell maybe some more suggestions?

Maybe I should add one more detail - the Html content of the Label is generated in other parts so what\ I include is pure html code.


More details - on IE9 it redirects page for a while but finally looks as it should (page just blinks once). So the problem is connected mostly to IE8 (or lower versions too?).
It seems for me that it might be a bug in Vaadin as normal mailto works fine on IE8. Or maybe there’re some specific situations when it works ok? Could someone check any application with Vaadin and mailto on IE8?