Lumo Vs Tailswind

TailwindCSS document says it responsive and don’t have to add multiple media queries. I also see Marcus posted a blog on Hilla + Tailwind CSS. And there is an add-on already for Vaadin Flow.

Now, the question is, which one is providing responsive UI and if TailWind provides it, what will happen to the LumoUtility classes ?

Tailwind is not a part of Vaadin. It does not kill LumoUtility classes. You can choose what you want to use.

How much effort is required to make it responsive? I see there are tons of CSS classes in Tainwind. Looks it is not possible for a Java developer to get all those classes familiarized. What is your personal experience ? What do you recommend?

There are some responsive styles in Lumo Utilities as well. And if you develop mostly with Flow using Java, you have other responsive mechanisms at your disposal.

Interesting and most expected one. Any links/examples other than FormLayout ?

If you download a new starter app from LumoUtility is used in many places, I think that is the best what we have for demo at the moment.