Loosing CSS styles when adding widgetset

I am trying to setup my application to use a widgetset. I use the instructions for building a widgetset using Ant/Netbeans and that seems to go well. But whenever I add the widgetset as an init-param in my web.xml I lose all my CSS styles and all my pages are messed up.

This happens if if I am not yet actually referencing my custom widget in my code. The mere act of pointing "widgetset’ to mine generates the issue. If I point it an a non-existent widgetset it gives me an error when I try to run it, so I know it is finding my widgetset!

I am guessing I am missing some magic incantation, but am at a lose right now.


That is strange, Themes and Widgetsets are loaded separately… Could you check what theme file the browser is trying to load?


I eliminated some code that was defining a custom layout for the main window and am getting better results. It’s not my original code so I’ll have to dig deeper, but might be onto whatever the problem is. If I figure it out I will post the information back to here…


Changing the base theme to Reindeer magically makes my issue go away. So it looks like Chameleon and Chameleon-Blue have issues.

Sorry for the late reply.

Setting a breakpoint in AbstractApplicationServlet.serveStaticResources() and then tracing what happens might help find out what is happening in your case - maybe you are running into some classloader issue.